“Frozenfa won my heart from day one with such professionally designed characters that exude both cheek and charm! From Frozenfa’s tortured Tim (Twisted Inner Monster) my fave, to the cute Chibi Fraz, this is one designer who puts her whole heart and soul into every creation and I would class myself as one of her biggest fans yet!Just as a pearl is cultured from an irritant, so do Frozenfa’s creations grow… through life’s little irritations, pain and suffering, joy and elation. I have loved every creation! I was simply ecstatic when I orderd my very own TIM Summer Fun Long Sleeved Tee from Frozenfa’s Gallery @ Red Bubble, I absolutely love to wear it.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Frozenfa’s designs to everyone from little kids to big grown ups! Anyone with a sense of humour or cuteness will be very comfortable wearing Fa’s designs and I wish her every success in all her designing endeavours!!!!!” ~ Karin Taylor

“Frozenfa is a young upcoming designer who produces art that is not only fun and quirky but is appropriate to a lot of the thoughts and emotions felt by people in a world that is becoming increasingly hectic and stressful.

Her character creations are cheeky and bound to put a smile on your face. Characters like Frazzle and Basil the cats, Julian the crab and Frothie the bunny will always result in the uncontrollable urge to say “AWWWWW”, and my favourite character T.I.M. (The Inner Monster) has a range of emotions to suit any mood swing. If you like to express yourself, T.I.M.s your guy!

Frozenfa has a unique ability to confront serious issues in a way that makes you not only comfortable to express yourself, but also to express your self in a positive and light hearted way. Her art and T-shirts keep you smiling even at the most stressful of times.Frozenfa’s characters will uplift and lighten your day as they encourage a positive and a happy outlook on all the issues and feelings we deal with in our day-to-day life.

Simplicity is the key to her work, never overstated, never in your face. I highly recommend browsing her art and clothing, as I’m sure you will find a few things that are perfect for you.

If you like to smile and you like the cheeky side of life Frozenfa’s art and clothing will indulge your every expression in a way that is simply…. Just fun!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.” ~ Krisso

“frozenfa’s Vector work is truly gorgeous! From kawaii characters, to absolute masterpieces!!” ~ Vector Goodness Blog

“I have watched frozenfa’s work grow and evolve while she is inspired by the world around her. With stunning photo realistic vectors, to cute and courageous characters, she has a style which will appeal to every audience. I wish her much success!” ~ thickblackoutline

“Whenever I see Fa’s adorable, heart-warming, and lovely characters, I can’t help but fall in love with them. ALL her animal friends are well designed, and just perfect for gift items. I especially ADORE Chibi Frazzle & Yuriko-Chan! You’ll SOON find your favorites among Fa’s fabulous collection!” ~ Ujean

“Fa is a young, talented and determined artist who puts her heart into art. Her art is deeply interwined with her inner self and thoughts which is something that impresses me deeply. She weaves her thoughts and feelings into her work, resulting in many of the wonderful character series such as T.I.M (Twisted Inner Monster) which I am sure you will fall in love with!” ~ Ellen aka udonchow

“With each passing day, Fa’s heart felt interpretations of the world around her continue to evolve, grow and work their way deeper inside my heart.

Each character that she creates feels as though it has been moulded from a little piece of herself. There’s something for everyone… From her cute and adorable animal creations like Frazzle, Frothie and Julian, to the more emotionally driven T.I.M (Twisted Inner Monster) series, you too will find Fa’s creations working their way deep inside your own heart!” ~ Lisa Marie Robinson

“Frozenfa has it all! Her designs and illustrations range from whimsical creatures whose delightfulness seems to leap from the page and into our hearts to her more edgy and twisted inner monsters that make us take a look at ourselves and laugh. She is gifted with a brilliant and joyful talent!” ~ Bits Of Whimsy

“I love Fa’s designs they are so cute and adorable. Her style is unique awesome, and versatile, as it is available in a range of different products. Her animals are just brilliant I love Fa’s design style and attitude. What a great mind to come up with the concept for Tim the inner monster. I hope you love her stuff as much as I do.”
~ Cate Townsend

“Frozen Fa’s designs are incredibly cute, cheeky, and iconic. Her sensitive nature and great professionalism drive her amazing creative flow, and you know what? she is the most absolutely adorable person too!” ~ Christelle aka Cvail73


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