Testimonial by Karin Taylor

“Frozenfa won my heart from day one with such professionally designed characters that exude both cheek and charm! From Frozenfa’s tortured Tim (Twisted Inner Monster) my fave, to the cute Chibi Fraz, this is one designer who puts her whole heart and soul into every creation and I would class myself as one of her biggest fans yet!Just as a pearl is cultured from an irritant, so do Frozenfa’s creations grow… through life’s little irritations, pain and suffering, joy and elation. I have loved every creation! I was simply ecstatic when I orderd my very own TIM Summer Fun Long Sleeved Tee from Frozenfa’s Gallery @ Red Bubble, I absolutely love to wear it.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Frozenfa’s designs to everyone from little kids to big grown ups! Anyone with a sense of humour or cuteness will be very comfortable wearing Fa’s designs and I wish her every success in all her designing endeavours!!!!!” ~ Karin Taylor