Growing Frozenfa

Frozenfa initially started off as my online profile name for my online gallery over at GFXArtist (now closed down ūüė¶ ) It wasn’t until I left the corporate world that I became more active in growing my online gallery, which later turn into an online shop.. and then another online shop.. and another got branched out from that one.. and then an actual physical pushcart… ‚̧

frozenfa-rbAfter leaving the corporate world as a multimedia designer, I was a little at a lost as to how to go about finding myself. I continued to take on freelance web, print and corporate design project, but still felt kind of empty. Thanks to a suggestion by my friend, Ganz, I joined in 2008~

The art community over at RedBubble was wonderful as I met many wonderful and friendly¬†artists, photographers and writers. I¬†was greatly encouraged by the lovely comments and support from fellow artists there.¬†Slowly, I start¬†to make some sales. I’ll¬†never forget my¬†very first sale, which I¬†later found out, was by my¬†very own close friend and fellow bubbler, Karin Taylor. I first met¬†Karin on RedBubble, and was extremely intrigued and amazed by her wonderful mixed media paintings. I was honored when I realized that Karin was tickled by my¬†funny monster designs and cute little animals. We‚Äôre always there to help and encourage each other during the good and bad days. One in Australia. One in Singapore. We both became great friends of each other. I¬†realized that Karin is the only one who truly believes in her and her little creations.

frozenfa-zazzleSlowly, my drawings starts getting¬†featured on RedBubble’s homepage and some group’s page. I also created 2 online shops over at under 2 different Profile (featuring 2 different styles – Frozenfa @ and SilentCries @ Over at, I’ve also managed to win several Today’s Best Award, much to my delight~ ūüėÄ These little awards have been encouraging and helped increase my confidence. It was exciting to see where my customers are from too, thanks to Zazzle’s detailed backend page for sellers! ūüėÄ My print-on-demand products¬†have been purchased by buyers from United States, Canada,¬†France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherland, Russia,¬†United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Australia~ ‚̧

After much struggle and research, I¬†managed to have an actual¬†physical store (a pushcart to be precise) with the help of SIP‚Äôs project ‚Äď Pop and Talent Hub Market. Once again, if it wasn‚Äôt for Karin, I probably¬†wouldn‚Äôt have the mental strength, courage and belief to start out my¬†own little business. And so I¬†couldn‚Äôt help but ask Karin for her permission to resell her artworks over here in Singapore. Karin, being the sweetest kindest friend that I have, agreed and gave me her permission. I¬†couldn‚Äôt have felt more blessed to have such a friend in Karin. Since then, Frozenfa physical stall features designs by¬†myself, Karin, and several other artists whom I purchased prints from.


I¬†love to make people smile~ When someone smiles or laughs when they saw my¬†designs, it makes me¬†happy. I’m glad¬†to know that I’m¬†able to make someone out there smile or maybe even brighten up their day~ And it makes me happier when I¬†meet the few who could understands and/or emphasize with her dark SilentCries series of work.

I hope¬†that through Frozenfa and SilentCries series of drawings, I¬†can encourage people, to express themselves more freely. My¬†best selling series – T.I.M (Twisted Inner Monster), appeals both the young and old as it represents the feelings and thoughts we tend to have, but never expressed out loud. Which is why my tagline is…¬†Wear Your Feelings.


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