“Don’t Let Them Break You”

Earlier, I came across this by The Idealist at Facebook and thought I’d share it here.. along with some of my thoughts:

I think it’s a sound advice hey? However, if you do break down, remember to pick yourself up. I survived over a dozen breakdowns, damn it! What is important is how stubborn you are about not wanting to give up~ If no one believes in you, believe in yourself. If no one help you, help yourself! Put in the effort. I understand that sometimes it’s tiring as hell (I survived over a dozen breakdowns. Trust me, I can understand the feeling at least a tiny bit). But try to keep at least one word in mind – “Try”. Keep Trying. Dying might seem to be the solution but who’s to say what’s there after death?

If you’re lucky you might just *poof* and cease to exist. BUT what if you’re unlucky? if somehow one of the religion is true – who is to say you might not be in deeper shit after death hey? Keep living. Find help is necessary. If you can’t find a family/friend to talk to, try counselors. I’m not sure about other country, but in Singapore, other than Samaritans of Singapore (SOS), you can also get help from REACH: http://www.reach.org.sg/index.php/our-services/reach-counselling/reach-counselling-counselling-services

Their counseling fees is based on your household income.. From my personal experiences: bear in mind that they’re just counselors. Ultimately you are the one who have to make it work. Let them help you, but don’t get overly dependent. Don’t expect to go for counseling and exit the room with problems all solved or feeling happy as fck. They’re counselors, and they are only human. They will most likely help by asking you questions to help guide you on how to tackle your issues. I must admit, I often left their office feeling like I just got run over by a truck. It was often emotionally/mentally exhausting. But I learned so much more about myself and others in my life and what I can do to help myself. Take care~ ❤


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