Restructuring this blog~

Hmmm… I don’t think anyone reads this blog anymore, but I think I should just make an update hey? 🙂 I’m working on my portfolio at the moment and I’m planning to use this blog as a platform rather than spending on web hosting again~ As you can see, I’m already using a different theme and changed the blog’s structure a little.. Most likely I’ll have a static page load instead of my usual blog posts.. By the way, sorry about all the broken links in my previous posts.. seems like fb changed the url for loading photos~ =__=” I’ll work on loading photos directly via this blog instead later~ ^_^”

Mental Health on The MightyBefore I sign off, I’d like to share this facebook page that I’m a fan of: Mental Health on The Mighty. I hope, more people will check out their fb, or better still, their website~ Take some time to read the articles there, especially if you know someone who might be suffering from a mental disease. Sometimes, it’s very easy to think that that somebody’s just being moody.. it’s just a phase.. but once you’ve read more, you might come to understand that there might be a reason why the kid’s screaming out his lungs and throwing tantrum like a spoilt brat? Why the mother just staring? Why he’s hitting her? Why she’s cutting herself? Why she’s suddenly so so SO happy? What’s wrong with that nutcase?!

It’s not just a phase.. Mental disease is nothing like your typical flu~ It doesn’t go away just like that~ Try reading some of the articles.. Help us with our fight against mental disease~ ❤


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