2012 Poster Design Portfolio

I’m personally quite happy with my 2012 portfolio.. Given how sickly i was last year with asthma and hyperthyroidism, i’m glad to have come up with 2 hotsellers last year! (based on sales in Singapore) – WHAT Work/Life Balance & Sai Kang Warrior are designs inspired by my brother who gave me the ideas (Thank you, Bro!! =D). The sales of these 2 designs is currently on par with my previous hotseller – Act Blur, Live Longer design~ Yay!! 😀

WHAT Work/Life Balance A4/A3 Glossy Laminated Poster          Sai Kang Warrior - To The Rescue!!! A4/A3 Glossy Laminated Poster

To my overseas fans, “Sai Kang Warrior” an unofficial title we give someone who has to do all the work that is not in their job scope~ “Sai” means Sh*t, and “Kang” means job/work/task~ 😉

Other than the 2 hotsellers above, i’m happy to have come up with the following other poster designs: =D

'Cause I'm Cute! A4 Glossy Laminated Poster Happiness Is... Understanding What You Want & What You Need~ A4 Poster Don't Test My Patience! A4 Poster

Can You PLEASE Use Your Brain~ A4/A3 Poster It's Ok To Cry~ A4/A3 Glossy Laminated Poster Cool Story Bro!!! A4/A3 Glossy Laminated Poster

Cool Story Bro~ A4 Poster Asset Rich, CASH POOR! A4/A3 Glossy Laminated Poster I Am... Fine! A4 Poster (Emily)

I Am... Fine! A4 Poster (Tim) Look How Many F***s I Give~ A4 Poster 

Excuse the language above~ 😉 just being myself~ eheh.. ^^”

Just realised there’re some A4 poster designs which i haven’t managed to upload to my fb page.. O_O” will work on it and update this blog later.. there’re also some designs which i have yet think of some quotes for them – like the following badge/keychain design:



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