Homemade Kitsune Udon

Hmm.. for some odd reason, i’ve been waking up with just 5-6 hours sleep for the last few days.. EVEN if i worked till 6am,  exhausted and slightly dizzy.. Weird hey.. just woke up naturally.. usually, waking up naturally happens only after 8-10hrs of sleep.. lol~ ^^”

SO!!!! Fa decides to take some pix while preparing her 1st Kitsune Udon!!!! Hehehe~ naaa.. i have no idea how to make the noodles.. just buy “fresh” ones from Cold Storage – First Choice Japanese Udon. Firstly, put water to boil…

Secondly, add in the sauce and a TINY pinch of sugar.. i think i won’t even bother adding any, the next time since Kitsune beancurd is already sweetened.. Guess am not THAT awake.. eheh.. ^^” How much sauce? Errr… i’ve never measured.. just put enough to look as dark/light as the udons that you tried outside lah~ XD Hmm.. am wondering if i wanna add some white pepper next time.. hmmm.. naaa.. i think no need~

Thirdly, bring the water to boil again (i keep the sauce in the fridge.. ^^”) and insert the noodles!! =D personally, i’d break  the noodles apart a little, so it’ll fit into the ladle-spoon easier when eating.. Toss in some chopped chives~ i know many like to put them in after it’s cook.. but am hoping boiling it with the broth a lil will bring out a lil bit of flavor.. but nah, it didn’t bring much flavor out so far, really.. hehe.. but i just like it leh!! =P

Lastly, boil everything till it’s approximately 70% cooked.. How to tell? i personally like pulling out 1 strand of the udon and take a bite.. make sure it’s no longer cold all the way in (i keep the udons in the fridge) but also test early enough so that it’s not 100% cooked or more.. er.. like.. test it when the texture seems more… shiny as it boils? Oo”

Now pour into your big bowl~ Put the kitsune beancurd on top.. i keep the beancurds in the fridge, but since the noodles and broth is already boiling hot, and the beancurd is already “cooked” in the first place, no need to boil them with the noodles..

Wheeeeee~ Homemade kitsune udon – ready!! =D


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