Karin Taylor – Beyond the Stick Figure (Books & e-Books)

“Karin’s interaction with artists and art lovers over the years has increased her awareness of how common it is for people to lack confidence in their creative ability.

In her 98 page book Beyond the Stick Figure, Karin shares her creative journey in order to demonstrate how someone who was not recognised as gifted, became an artist. The book is complimented by images of her paintings and early drawings. Karin provides fresh hope by demystifying the creative process and shedding light on how to fuel inspiration and nourish the artist within.

Drawing from her experience as a visual artist Karin takes on the role of mentor explaining how creative self-expression is something everyone can enjoy. This is a refreshing resource full of insight, practical help, reassurance, and lots of hints and tips to get people started on a fulfilling creative path.

The book covers topics such as inspiration, imagination, daydreams and mini retreats, passion, encouragement, environment, research, observation, procrastination, intuition, decision making and goal setting, insecurity, criticism, practise, goal setting, frustration, patience and mistakes, genres and mediums, stories behind art and drawing tips.”

Yesh people!! Karin’s very own book, now out and available at Blurb.com!! =D Click here for a 27 page preview of the wonderfully illustrated book~ I’ve met many people, salesperson, nurses, craftswomen, school kids, who’d tell me that they can’t draw for nuts.. that the most they can pull off is the simple stickmen.. But after guiding a few of them, it’s very encouraging to see their happy faces when they’re please with what they can produce! =D So i’m absolutely thrilled when i realised Karin’s producing a book for those of us who feels keen but worries at the same time.. Personally, i believe that drawings just need to start somewhere..

Read about how not all artists starts with a BANG~ Like how we often read artist biography about them starting at the age of 4 and such.. what, you think at 4, ALL of them are capable of producing awesome inspiring artworks? Naaa.. there are a few prodigies.. but most of them, built up their skills through time~

Learn what are some of the important elements that can actually help in digging out those creative juices that you’ve frozen in pursuit of paper qualifications, career, or homemaking~ No no, don’t get me wrong.. Am not asking you guys out there to drop everything and go become an artist or designer.. but rather give yourself a chance, and try drawing again as a pastime maybe? =D you might be more talented than you give yourself credit for you know?

Book Reviews and Comments:

“Totally loved it, it was easy to read and understand my fave bit is the daydreaming and mini retreats also liked the way the book intros you and then you take up the dialogue. also liked the constuctive steps you give and the very nature of your advice has a sharing quality about it.” – Jef (rain-dogs)

“There is so much wisdom in your book, congratulations on your creation!” – Peter Styles

“I’m very impressed. it is a nice mix of personal information with constructive information, not just on the emotional aspects of creating but also the practical things you can do improve.” – Les King (uncleblack)

“It is very inspirational and should be a great help to everyone.” – Jill Taylor

“Outstanding! I just skimmed it, to get the feel of it. It’s like a coffee table photo/self help inspirational/art tutorial book all in one. Very cool indeed.” – Mobii

Mobii has also blogged about this wonderful book in his lovely lovely review here.

See Karins art portfolio here at RedBubble.com
Contact Karin via email karinlouisetaylor@gmail.com

Join Karin’s Facebook Fan Page Here!!

About Karin: 

Karin is a visual artist and writer, with a background in providing support to artists. She has empathy for anyone struggling with self-expression, doubt, depression, fear and anxiety, having suffered from these conditions herself.

Her passions include drawing and…

Karin is happiest in a daydream, by a rock pool beside the sea, sitting on a park bench watching passersby, or spotting whales and dolphins.

She meditates and exercises daily to help achieve balance and maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Karin lives a quiet life in a seaside village on the east coast of Australia with her husband Scott, their two children Sarah and Ben, her faithful dog Nudge and beloved cat, Basil.


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