A Book Signing Session & unARThodox : The Art of D.Lauchengco

With the release of D.Lauchengco & Iyta’s book ‘The Boy Who Hated The Sun’ & ‘The Girl Who Loved The Sun’…They are having a book signing session & a mini exhibition…’unARThodox’ : The Art of D.Lauchengco

Other event highlights would be an informal talk/meet-n-greet session by D.Lauchengco & wife Iyta on the process and message behind their first Children’s Book collaboration and D.Lauchengco’s Original Illustrations which would be open to Q & A’s and F0R SALE to friends,fans & the general public alike….so please mark your calendars and join them @ Straits Records.

Date & Time :
25th June (Sat) 4pm – 10pm
26th June (Sun) 1pm – 8pm

Straits Records
24 Bali Lane,Singapore 189860


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