Frozenfa & Karin Taylor @ Somerset 313 postponed.. AGAIN?!

URGH… announcement.. -_- Frozenfa & Karin Taylor stall at somerset 313 this weekend has been cancelled.. yes, AGAIN.. i’m so sorry.. i wish i was able to communicate directly, but i’m not the one arranging the event.. i just got to know about it yesterday evening too.. so guess how my “birthday celebration” went.. -_-” good thing there’s ice cream to keep me cool then.. oooooO, i was seething mad by the time i got home…

now, once i’m done feeling tired, i’m going to work on the bunch of Tim design that i’m sooooo going to produce by the end of the week!

So yea, i guess i can forget about opening the stall over at somerset 313.. i mean.. it’s one thing to keep getting news that it’s been cancelled, but it’s another thing to always get the news just a day before the said event.. annoying really.. i guess i’ll just stick to the usual stall at Vivo on every first and last weekend.. and i think it’s time i work on getting a full time pushcart.. i’ve been procrastinating, cos other than the high costs involved, it’ll be kinda crazy to man a full-time pushcart and working on all the handmade accessories at the same time.. i guess i’ll need to have someone helping me as part-timer.. and that’ll mean more money to invest in.. i’m still wondering if i’m ready for something fulltime.. and still prefer a proper shop than a pushcart.. lack of money.. is most certainly the root of all evil.. lolz!!! XD


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