Transferring of SilentCries to Frozenfa’s portfolio on RedBubble

Hehe.. it’s been awhile but i’ve finally earned more than $25 from my SilentCries account on RedBubble.. and since RB now supports categorising of portfolio works, i’ll be transferring my designs here over to my Frozenfa account once i have the time that is… eheh.. i’ve been busy with the physical stall that i have now in Singapore.. Since everything is handmade, that cuts down a big chunk of my time spent online..I’d like to say a big big thank you to all the buyers and mystery buyers of my SilentCries designs.. thanks to you guys, i’ve sold the following designs so far on RB..

PS: i’m using photos from my zazzle silentcries store since i’ve pulled all the designs down from RB..

3 pieces of Dear Pillow tshirt

3 pieces of Do I Mean Nothing To You tshirt

1 piece of Hold Me… tshirt

1 piece of Dear Pillow card

1 piece of Hold Me… card

2 pieces of You Can’t See Me… You Won’t See Me! stickers

1 piece of Anguish sticker


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