Do Your Christmas Shopping @ Vivo This Year!!

Hey Everyone! Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? Come on down to Vivo City, cos PaTH Arts Market will be having a Christmas marathon!! For the next 7 days, you’ll be able to get awesome handmade items from us, yep, the whole of next 7 days!! Now, it’s not easy for us, since everyone is selling handmade stuffs.. So do come down and support us!! We have lots of handmade items for all ages!! From babies, to aunties to grannies, no probbie!!! Check out some of the items available for sale:

How’s that?! Awesome range of stuffs hey?! and i only featured myself and 5 other vendors and not ALL our products too!! There’re patchwork quilts, 3d paper craft greeting cards, custom painted magnets and mugs, bags, hairbands, ladies accessories, cubicle posters, keychains and badges, soap, tshirts… ARGH!!! too many to list!!!  At PaTH, we have more than 20 vendors all selling handmade stuffs at absolutely affordable prices~!

So what’re you waiting for?! Come down to Vivo City, Level One, Near Starbucks/Singtel/POST ATM before Christmas, and come down fast, before all the good stuffs are taken!! XD


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