Goodbye Tree, I’ll miss you~

Today, they cut down the tree that i grew up with.. i cried alone as always.. no one understands me here.. i can’t ask for a hug either.. they’ll think i’m nuts when i’m crying just because a tree was cut down..

i’ll miss this tree.. the beautiful sound it makes when it’s raining.. the smile it brings me each time i see it’s flowers bloom.. the many different birds that stop by to sing or find meals on it.. Memories of Brown using it’s bark to mark his territory and trim his claws.. Brown staring up at the birds intently.. playing with Brown and Pirate beneath the tree..

i thought tree will be there for me forever.. that it’ll be there, even after i’m gone.. seeing the branches cut off bit by bit saddens me.. it’s as if nothing i love can stay by me.. first Brown was culled during the SARS season.. now tree’s cut down for the new underground train line… One by one, the one i’m attached to leaves me..

Tree, i’ll miss you.. i must admit, i felt hopeful when i got home to see the trunk is still there.. but will they not remove the trunk as well later? Can a tree regrow back to it’s original magnificent size after being cut down to just it’s trunk.. can it survive without it’s leaves.. i don’t dare to hope anymore~


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