My Best Selling Tee @ RB – Julian the Conductor

Hi there!! Just made a sale of another tshirt over at redbubble!! It’s Julian once again!! Boy is Tim jealous.. Julian the Conductor is my current best selling tee over at RB, which is so unexpected as it’s like the slowest selling design over at my stall in Singapore.. ehhehe.. must be the difference in taste hey? Thank you Mystery Buyer for purchasing my tshirt! =D Hope you love the tee~ ^-^

As some of you might have known, is currently down due to my previous service provider, iWeb Technologies sabotaging me.. oh well, it’s over now, i don’t wanna talk about it anymore. I guess i’ll just make do with this blog for now, hey? As you can see above, i’ve created the pages for about myself and about Karin.. will create pages to write about my different pieces once i have the time..

I’ll be over at NUS Science Foyer Bazaar next mon-wed, 13-15th Sep, so if you’re in the vicinity, do drop by as some items will be on discount! 😉 There’ll also be a bunch of new Vintage Glass Pendants featuring Karin’s and my SilentCries design, so yup, do come visit ya~ =D


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