New Tshirt – Holy Cow!

YooHooo~ Just uploaded Schmoo the Cow on!! I’ve been selling Schmoo at the market for so long, but didn’t realize i haven’t make it into a tee over at RB, SHEESH!! So here you go, Holy Cow! featuring Schmoo from My Animal Friends Series~ =D

Available on Ladies Tee, Unisex and V-neck Tees, Hoodies, Onesies, Kids Tee and Stickers even! Holy Cow!! šŸ˜„

ALSO!!! If you’re interested, Holy Cow! is also available in my Zazzle store as Keds Shoes and Binders! šŸ˜„

Holy Cow! Avery Binder binder
Holy Cow! Avery Binder by frozenfa
Holy Cow! Kids Shoe kedsshoe
Holy Cow! Kids Shoe by frozenfa


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