Stall, booth, new designs!!!

me at my stall on Xmas eve!! its the 3rd opening day.. =D

It’s been sooooo long!!! O_O”

Hi everyone!! Hope everybody’s doing fine.. it’s been a long time since i last blog or participate actively at RedBubble and Zazzle.. Been busy with my physical stall.. and then i fall ill.. and then i had to rush for the next stall opening.. and then there’s freelance projects to work on.. O_O

On the 22th Dec 2008, i manage to launch the opening of my very 1st physical stall/cart/booth over at Vivo City, all thanks to PaTH – Pop and Talent Hub, a social enterprise initiative by Social Innovation Park (SIP) Ltd!

it was very tiring, but so very fun! i was shocked when they called me suddenly on 18th Dec (just after counselling session) asking if i can open on the 22th to 24th Dec for their special X’mas eve openings.. imagine me at Daiso walking to and fro freaking out.. i don’t have much stocks to put up at stall.. Only some tees, Lisa’s magnets, Ellen’s journal/sketchbook, 7 zazzle keychains (too big in my opinion), and yea.. OO” So i rushed to get some buttons pressed, hoping to make my stall look a lil bigger.. but guess what?! XD my buttons became my best selling items!! X) i was so glad.. if it weren’t for them, i won’t be earning.

i’ve made a few contacts.. met some lovely people.. and then of course there are some that Tim just want to sock in the head~ XD can you imagine.. someone asked to use my design for his patchwork tees, saying when he print 100 tees, he’ll give 10 tees in return.. i was like, damn, you think i’m a kid, mister? Please, even kindergarten brats these days learn business.. like hell i’d “sell you my designs” (more like “give” him my designs) to be made into tees, when i’m selling tees myself! sigh.. people still tend to think i’m some naive fresh grad..  -_-”

And then there’s one lady who’s like asking me who and where did i get my suppliers.. i was like.. whaaaaat is wrong with these people??? seriously, i’d share willingly such info with anyone whom i deem friendly, like Karin~ i’d share with her ALL my suppliers and do so much for her! but for a woman who i barely know to come and straight ask me such question.. sigh.. these people are making me more jaded than i already am.. -_-”

Anyway!! Came up with this design on day 1 of the opening of my stall, 22 Dec 2008.

i was really touched and delighted to see the number of interested passerbys and buyers. Each time a person walk past and turn to look.. and from that, i did my first Valentine’s Day related design (sorta)..

Feel free to check out some photos which my friends and i took here

There’s a lot more i wanna say but it’s getting late here.. will continue tomorrow.. *~hugs~*


2 thoughts on “Stall, booth, new designs!!!

  1. Lovely to hear from you Fa! :)) You seem to be busy with your shop, I’d love to see it so much!! :)It’s good to see you being angry at these guys lol, meansyou’ve got plenty of energy :)))XXX

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