Tshirts, Greeting Cards, Posters, Magnets, Buttons, Keychains & Postage Sales

Eheh.. just a lil journal for me to keep track of my sales updates and thank da buyers~ =D

Thank you very very much to the 3 mystery buyers of my following pieces!!!!!!!

Julian The Conductor? Oo”

I Love Me – Have You Loved Yourself Today? Card


And then there’s the so very unexpected sales over at my SilentCries Gallery!!
for those who’re not watching me there…

Thank you so so much to petajauch for purchasing the tee!!!

And last but not least.. just wanna share some of the lovely sales i’ve made at Zazzle.. i haven’t been keeping track of them.. OO”
Thank you, Fabrice from Melbourne for purchasing Sobs… Tshirt

Thank you very muchie to Ellen for purchasing Paint Yourself! Button

Thank you Henry from Brooklyn for purchasing Schmoo keychain and…

ARGH!!! tshirt

Thank you very much to Tasia from London for purchasing Silenced poster and…

Silenced – Original poster

Thank you to Michael from Orlando for purchasing Julian the Rasta Crab magnet

Thank you Carole from Pittsburgh for purchasing Chibi Frazzle Postage

Thank you Armstrong from Ray City for purchasing Sobs… tshirt

Thank you Juanita for purchasing Julian the Conductor tshirt

Thank you very much Robert from Redwood city for purchasing 2 pieces of customised Hello!!! Tshirt

Thank you so so much to all the buyers of my designs!! the above Zazzle sales are made from Sep to current.. so it’s not really that much, not enough to feed me anyway.. but am very happy and thankful for each of them!! hopefully someday i’ll be able to earn a little more eh?
HUGS to everyone!!


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