Wholesale Printing for Artists

Am featuring this journal by Karin Taylor on her behalf! So for anyone of you out there you might be looking for a printer to print your work wholesale price, Karin’s the lady for ya! 😀 Click here to check out the original journal~

Geisha Girl by Karin

Karin Taylor is now offering quality wholesale giclee printing service to other artists in Australia and overseas. Karin used to use her giclee printer for personal purposes only, until she started getting enquiries from other artists who sometimes need to purchase prints without the extra things, such as matts and frames…to keep those prices nice and low…so the profit you make from onselling to customers and galleries is worthwhile and reasonable.

Chinese Red Fan girl by Karin Taylor

Quality is next to none –
These are giclee (geeclay) prints using archival quality epson inks lasting at least 70 years on Enhanced Matte Paper (quality quality quality)

Minimum order AUD$50 – why? good question…the reason is it takes quite some time to prepare artwork for print, therefore Karin will require a minimum order of at least $50 to make it worthwhile

As it takes a similar amount of time to do 1 or 10 prints, as far as file preparation goes, there are some limitations, as doing one offs is too time consuming for the small profit

Tang Court Trio

Starting Price?
The starting price at A4 (210×297mm) – equal to the size of a sheet of computer paper – is very low at AUD$12 per print, provided you are purchasing over AUD$50 worth of prints, and if you are interested in purchasing prints wholesale from me, please do not hesitate to contact Karin at karintaylor@exemail.com.au

Two Dolls

Photographs and Paintings
Karin can print photographs onto canvas and art also onto canvas, the price is higher….please contact for specific details. At this stage she does not have the glossy paper required for printing photos but is willing to give that a go… Do let her know if you are interested and she will contact you to discuss about it.

Pearl of the Sea

Why is Karin doing this?
As Karin don’t have the same overheads as retail shops and other giclee printing services or printeries specialising in fine art limited edition prints, she can afford to go a bit lower than most, although there is the additional charge of postage and handling and perhaps insurance which needs to be considered.

Blue Aloha

Turnaround Time
Unfortunately, Karin cannot take responsibility for any items that go missing in the post, although to date, she had sent many packages, and nothing so far has gone astray, both overseas and within Australia

Sadako’s Wish

Karin is currently using the paypal system and ask that you pay postage and handling. On receiving payment and your files, Karin will begin the printing process…you can expect a 2-3 week turnaround in Australia, and for overseas, you might need to plan ahead for a 4 week turnaround.

Okay so what kind of printer does Karin use?
Rest assured……this is a gallery/museum archival quality process….

We use a wide format Epson 7600 printer with highest quality archival inks….at $200 per cartridge….and 7 cartridges required, not to mention the paper, it’s an expensive little thing to run… but knowing that these are gallery archival quality prints, you can even decide to do a print run and keep it as a limited edition.

How large can you print?
The prints go up to A2 in size…depending on image size and what you are looking for… To do any alterations for you such as colour matching… it requires additional time, so there would be an additional fee….so try and have your work prepared to the standard required for printing.

Postage and Handling?
The prints come as they are…..in a cylinder or post pak protected with cardboard …..there are no matts, etc provided…framing is left up to you…

The postage charge will be for the actual price the post office set, according to the weight of your package, and determined as well by whether you intend to take out insurance or register the package. In each individual case, Karin will have to weigh the package for you and look up the postage, to give you the amount to be added on.

Karin can send o/s – you might like to buy additional insurance just to ensure it arrives safely and if not, you aren’t out of pocket.

Ocean Angel

You can frame the prints yourself, for galleries, the canvas can be stretched, the paper framed, or onsell them to customers who prefer to do their own framing.

A4 = 297×210 mm (the size of computer paper)
A3 = 420×297 mm
A2 = 594×420 mm

How to request for quotations?
Email Karin at karintaylor@exemail.com.au with your requirements so that she can provide you with more details with regards to pricing etc. When you are ready to go ahead, Karin will give you another gmail address to send your files to her for printing. At this stage the largest file capacity she can receive through her email is approximately 9MB.

Other Tips
Your files must be 300 dpi (dots per inch)
It will speed the process up if you size your files correctly before sending them… ie. do a ‘save as’ and resize them to the required size. it will reduce the amount of time spent and make turnaround much quicker.

Recently Karin sold 9 prints this way to a previous buyer in sydney, sometimes folks just prefer the prints without all the trimming. Even though Karin push for them to buy from red bubble all the way, they are sometimes reluctant as they want a special size, and really want to choose from the framer to match their decor… and so she just gave in and say “okay, no worries, i can do that for you instead…” and they are beautiful and very high quality!

So do email Karin Taylor at karintaylor@exemail.com.au if you’re interested in getting some high quality prints at wholesaler price!! 😀


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