Making a comeback!

Hi Everyone!!
Yea, i sorta did disappear for awhile without notice.. wonder how many actually noticed my disappearance.. but no worries!! i didn’t go nuts or something.. not yet.. hehe.. but i had a wonderful wonderful suprised when i login today!! i saw A SALE!!! 1 SALE!!! that’s a miracle, really!! i thought i’d never make a sale during my current down time. WhooooHooooo!!! XD

Thank you so so so muchie to andrewfinlay for purchasing Yuriko-chan!! this is the first time someone bought Yuriko-chan.. am so happy!! Thank you, Andrew!! =D

Yuriko-chan is also available on kids tee here ! =D She’s also available as keychains, mugs, magnets and buttons. Just click on any of the photos below to take a look at them! =D

and i’d also love to thank Tamara for purchasing Silenced Poster !!! that’s like a first time for me too!! i never thought someone will buy Silenced as a poster… i was so so happy when i saw that in my zazzle history! =D

Silenced is also available on RB!!

I also sold another birthday card to Morin, at Zazzle.. Thank you so much, Morin!! i think i should upload that design here too.. just realised i haven’t upload it at RB.. eheh.. ^_^”

And thank you to Jose for purchasing Nobody Loves Me!! Love you!! X)

Nobody Loves Me is also available on RB!! =D

Today’s the start of the fasting month!! and that means i can fully concentrate on drawing instead of fixing ceilings!! yay Yay YAY!! XD am currently drawing Tim.. he’s been dying to make a comeback.. but Julian’s fighting for attention too… and then there’s Schmoo.. yea… wondering who’s Schmoo?? Gimme time.. this month.. i will work extra extra hard to make up for the lost time!! XD

Oh, also!! if any of you happens to like Tim that much, you can download him for a mobile phone wallpaper at my webbie.. hehe.. n_n”


One thought on “Making a comeback!

  1. HEY HEY HEY! You Rock Fa! I didn’t know you had a wordpress :P! Awesome blog!

    I’m brand new here, but I also have a blog…It’s not nearly as developed or as cool as yours though 😉

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