New Frosted Glass Mug Design

Hi Everyone!! Just feel like sharing my latest product created at my gallery in Zazzle.

Frosted Glass Mug, perfect for anything frosty cold or piping hot. See your drink peeking through your photos, images, or text designs. Dishwasher and microwave safe. starting at $19.95

frozenfas Silenced - Original Mug

frozenfa's Silenced - Original Mug

frozenfas Silenced Mug

frozenfa's Silenced Mug

Secondly, i’d like to thank all the wonderful people who respond to my ramblings at RB.. Thank you for all the love and kind comments. Thank you for the encouragements! 😀

And a BIG THANK YOU to Ganz for getting me the bestest, most inspiring gift of all, the Ballistic Masters poster book featuring Linda Bergkvist!!!

Yesh!! Linda Bergkvist!! i’d fallen in love with Linda’s wonderful masterpieces ever since i enter polytechnic.. All beautifully painted with such detail and accuracy, it’s photorealistic and beautiful to say the least.. i’ve always wanted to create a work as great as hers if possible. hehe.. As it’s a lil too precious to open, you can check out about the poster book here. Think will only unwrap it next month, or the month after, when my house is fixed. 😀


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