“Pear Season” Manga ep04 by Midori Furze!!

Yesh everyone!! Midori actually did a manga featuring Karin, Basil (Karin’s cat, my godbaby), Tim and me!! And she just uploaded the whole episode 4 today! oh my gosh!! that is so mighty sweet..

i honestly thought it was going to be a one strip thing, but Midori actually did a whole short Manga on it! Please do check out her very cute drawings and story.. am so touched to be one of the character, and Tim in my head is doing his annoying dance as if he’s a star.. i get to act with Karin!! Thank you so so much for the time and efforts and everything, Midori!!! =D

There’s suspense, drama, humor and cuteness in the story, am sure you’ll like it! =D

Just click on the thumbnails below, they’re linked starting from the cover page. there’s a total of 20 pages, you can read them as per usual comic style, from left panel to right panel. =D

By Midori Furze


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