I’ve Just Been Interviewed by the Famous Karin Taylor!!!

Yep!! Over at RedBubble, Jo O’Brien just started a chain of interviews, dedicated to getting to know each other by spreading the love and creativity to everyone in RB!! The ball was first tossed to the one, the only, MuscularTeeth!!!!! Yep, the one who’s been graced with da red bubble to his nick and who’s been going around doing concerts~ you should so check out his page..

MT just did an interview with The Karin Taylor, please check it out here.. (lucky guy!!) and almost asked me for his second interview, i heard.. but Karin beat him to it. hehehe.. So please do check out his second interview too, which is BUTCHART ! =D

Let\'s Focus On.....FROZENFA InterviewAnd so, being one of the second person to get the ball, Karin decides to pass it on to me! YIPPEE!! So check out this page where i answer the interview questions the best as i can. hehehe..

Now my turn to pick 2 people to do an interview with me!! XD
Stay tune!! =D

Update: You can also read the interview here in my blog! Just visit About Fa~ page. 😀


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