Designs going overseas.. Thank you buyers!!

Here are some of the sales i’ve made at Zazzle!!
i’d like to say.. Thank You so so much to all the buyers for purchasing my designs! 😀

Also the recipient of Today’s Best Award on May 7,2008
Shipped to Lambertville, NJ
Shipped to Burlington, WI
Shipped to Neenah, WI
Shipped to Minneapolis, MN
Shipped to Moscow, Russia
Shipped to Bellarie, TX

2 thoughts on “Designs going overseas.. Thank you buyers!!

  1. Hi Netbird! You can read more about Drawing Day here:

    It’s basically the day where everyone do a drawing just for the sake of drawing!! ^_^
    it’s really fun and many online website took part in it. Some includes Facebook, Youtube, DeviantArt, Flickr and RedBubble (where my friends and i all took part).

    You can check out some of the entries from RedBubble here:

    It’s all for fun really, so there isn’t any prizes.. ^_^” You can try check out for contests, though! They’re pretty active there. =D

    Hmm.. i actually start selling my art first at RedBubble.. My friend, Ganz, intro the website.. it’s really a wonderful place, with an amazingly kind and friendly community!! You should really check out the place. 😀

  2. What is Drawing Day about? Is it a contest? Can you win $$$ (which would be great!).

    How did you get connected to selling your art? Looks like a great time!


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