Featured Artist: Midori Furze

Midori was born in Nagoya, Japan.
The space Midori lives in inspires her.
The nature that surrounds it inspires her.
Her artworks are always special and very unique.
On her canvases, she paints her love of music, dreams and people towards the harmonies of the Universe.

Selected Exhibition History:
Oct 2007 Group Exhibition “Lumière” Glen Street Gallery, Belrose
Apr 2007 Solo Exhibition “Jazushi” Jazushi, Surrey Hills
Nov 2005 Group Exhibition “Sixcircles” Artfocus Gallery, Brookvale

Featuring some of Midori’s wonderful artworks in RedBubble.com

Midori's I Love My Violin Midori's Pockets Full of Love Midori's Look At My Shoes Midori's Budgie Boy

Midori's Visiting Grandma.... Midori's Sad Story @ RedBubble Midori's His Jacket @ RedBubble

Midori's Hide & Seek Midori's Waterlilies Midori's Lilies

Midori's I LOVE MUSIC Midori's The Jazzman @ RedBubble Midori's Louis @ RedBubble

Midori's The Pianist Midori's Spring in E major Midori's My Piano Has Been Drinking

Midori's Lucky Cat @ RedBubble Midori's The Moment @ RedBubble Midori's The Iron Vases

Midori's Grandma M T-Shirt Midori's Tolerate in White - Tshirt Midori's Mixed Soup For Tonight T-Shirt

What are you waiting for?!


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