Don’t be afraid to be different

If you feel guilty leaving your job
If you think you are weak, not being able to stay..
let me tell you this..

You’re strong
You’re strong because you dare to leave
You’re strong because you dare to take a risk

The society, they make people weak
They make people work like dogs
People never dare to leave despite how much their employer abuse them
People never dare leave their job because they fear being different
Because they fear losing the one form of security they think they have, job security, unknown to them that each and every employee is dispensable. With money, everyone is dispensable. That is the modern society.
People never dare leave their job because they fear to be scorned at. To be looked down upon. They would rather stay and work like slaves, like dogs, like whores so that they’d be the same as the rest of the society. Hard-working, employed. They fear not having enough money. They know they can’t live with their meager savings. They fear the society won’t accept them. They fear they will never be able to find a new job.

Have confidence in yourself. Don’t be a masochist. Don’t torment yourself.
The path is obvious, do what you must. It is not a smooth road, but since when is life ever smooth sailing? Don’t let the norm handicap you. Don’t listen to the cowards. They just want everyone to be like them. Don’t listen to the cowards, they’re saying those just so they can justify their existence, tho pathetic, they are living the norm. They think they are strong, being able to withstand the pressure and hardship at work. I say they are stupid to be abused day in, day out. I say they are nothing but spineless.. They are just afraid. Afraid to be different.

But then again, the above is just my opinion. The society disagree with me, i believe. But why should i care. Why should i let them control who i am, what i do, what i feel. Why should i live my life their way. it’s my life. i have no intention to live like a dog, all obeying, never questioning, never resisting. i guess i’d rather live like a stray cat. be a master of myself. i can rest when i want to rest. i can work when i want to work. i can interact with people when i feel like it. i can be alone when i want to. i can live my life, my way.


2 thoughts on “Don’t be afraid to be different

  1. of course, to each our own tax, our own bills, our own savings, our own family~

    no point giving such advice to someone who couldn’t save money for nuts, eh? no point giving such advice to people who spends money like water.. who couldn’t live and ration on their savings. who’ll starve to death being jobless for 1 month because of debts and bills.. Such people should get a new job first before leaving their current one. Then they can continue living from hand to mouth. 🙂

    no point living on loans and debts. i give the above advice only to people who knows how to manage their finances. Just my point of view.. A person should know what is best for him/herself and not follow or take advices blindly. Blind faith is stupid. 😉

  2. brave words, girl.. but who pays your rental and bills…?
    social security..? the tax-payers…?
    by all means, live your life your way but with your own hard-earned money, please!!!
    (just a passer-by)

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