Busy Week.. O_O”

Sobs… sigh.. i think i won’t be able to finish my portrait with Tim on time.. seems like i keep getting distracted working on other things like uploading the other versions of my old design and of course getting annoyed by someone which allows me to come up with this new piece, Who says I’m mental?

frozenfa's Who says I'm mental? Design
(Also available as a plain design)

Nope, not that i was annoyed because people say i’m mental. am used to people calling me crazy or nuts. i was pissed because i found out that i will have to paint the house this month. meaning my work on my website will have to be delayed (thank god am done with the design part). Will start project paint house alone next week after my birthday, i guess.. -_-” i meant to postpone it to end of the year when i’m done with my website and printing and starting up of my stall. grrrrr….

 (tim-mg01) ARGH!!! Mug
ARGH!!! Mug by frozenfa

I guess that sudden roadblock is killing all my mood to create my portrait with Tim eh? Guess i will leave launching that design to the same date as my webbie, instead. Will concentrate on getting all these current designs all out on the different merchandises for this month. Plus painting the house.. Will leave my portrait with Tim and my webbie to next month then. Hopefully i’ll be able to push everything out on time.

Will be looking for a printer next week. Hope to hear some good news then..

...here are my ears!!! by Karin Taylor

Can’t wait for my bday.. Just received part 1 of my bday prezzie from Karin a few days ago, her Here Are My Ears T-shirt. Yep!! i got Karin’s tshirt!! yay yay!! i’ve been wanting to buy this tee for Karin’s bday surprise, then i realised that it’s kinda too ex for me, so i bought 4 of her cards instead.. End up, Karin bought it and have it sent to me.. Awww.. thank you so so much, Karin!! Nobody bother do something that sweet for me.. ^_^”

The material of the tshirt is great! 100% cotton.. thin and suitable for Singapore weather.. just that i told her my size would be XL.. and it turns out XL is kinda.. BIG. hehe.. Well, at least i know i’d be comfortable wearing it! πŸ˜€ it’s still darn cute! All washed and ironed and ready to be worn!! will wear it on my birthday.. hehe.. i still haven’t take a look at the Part 2 of the prezzie i got.. i wonder what kinda necklace is in there.. Prolly one of those she sell on her etsy shop? Heck, since i love all her designs, i bet i’ll love that necklace too.. tho i might end up making it into a keychain to hand around my bag instead.. am still a retard at wearing accessories.. hehe.. argh.. can’t wait to read the card inside.. ^_^

At least there’s something nice to look forward to. Am so glad i joined RedBubble.. πŸ˜€


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