Things to do for now~

Hi hi!! just thought i’d write a little on what have i been doing so far.. Well, other than replying and commenting cool designs at RedBubble, of course. Hehe..

Recently, i’ve just decided to get my own personal webbie done. and since my friend need some push, i decide to challenge her, and off we go to compete on creating our own personal webbie. Deadline is 8th August. Yep!! i want to launch my webbie on that auspicious date. can’t help it.. am half chinese.. lolz~

so i started working on a mockup a few nights ago.. since i’ve been busy with networking and creating new designs etc, i only work on it like an hour or 2 a nite.. and guess what.. i finished it in 2 nights. lolz! when i open the file last nite.. i was like thinking… errr… what else is there to design? Oo” hehehe.. oh my.. and to think i took MONTHS last time and still couldn’t come up with 1 finished design back then. aha.. i guess if you really want to make one, and are ready to have one, it will come naturally? hehe.. dang, i wasted so much time last time..

So am basically done with the mockup and slicing.. will set it up next and insert the contents.. i think that will be most time consuming.. there’s so many designs and more than 1 type of product for each design.. O_O”

Yea.. so that like, quite a lot of things to do.. And other than that, there’s of course my drawings to digitise.. am working on a self-portrait with Tim, to be uploaded on my birthday. hehehe.. fun fun~ i just received my Sakae Sushi voucher today!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! i was having one hell of a craving for Kitsune Udon earlier… drools…. maybe i’ll go get 1 next week..

And for the first time ever, i received an early birthday prezzie from OVERSEAS!! Thank you so so SO muchie, Karin!! and yesh, yesh, i haven’t open it yet.. it’s just seating on my bookself, taunting me.. >_< nyaaaa.. can’t wait to open it! XD

oh dear me.. so many things to do.. and my zazzle gallery? i find it so weird that i get so much traffic and features there but not much sales at all. hell, i do better at RedBubble.. Oo” wonder what went wrong.. hmmz…


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