New Print sold! Thank you! =D

Hi hi!! i wanna thank Karin so so so muchie for buying my latest print, Love Me! 😀
it was really unexpected.. Thank you so so much!!

frozenfa's Love Me @

i’m still shocked by it.. hehe.. never thought anyone will wanna spend on a baby photo.. hehehe.. Am so glad you like it, Karin! =D

And to others who’ve come upon this entry of mine, please do pop over to Karin’s journal on lil Mitchell.

Let’s all give the lil guy a lil thought and support, shall we? he’s so young and he already have to go through so much.. Let’s hope he’ll recover, k! =)

And last but not least, thank you so so much, Karin for the early bday prezzie!! got the package already.. am so so glad nobody stole it while it lay outside my house at the door. STUPID POSTMEN don’t have the frigging decency to at least knock the door to let me know there’s a package. pfft!! oooO~ it looks soooo tempting, but i’ll make sure i only open it on my bday~ hehe.. XD


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