Quick Update! XD

Hey all!! Been so so busy.. i just realised it’s been a loooooooong time since i last watch movie.. lolz.. Good thing i still watch tv with the family at home.. My routine for the last few days seems to be.. wake up, work, sweep & mop, bath, brunch + work, watch tv + work, dinner + watch tv, work, sleep and loop it!! O_O” hmmmm… think am spending quite alot of time either creating new products or networking.. Did manage to spend some time drawing too, thank god.. Next new design coming up will be Winter Fun! Stay tune! XD

Oh, and introducing a bunch of stickers i just made. Honestly, i love it. i think the colors really matches the design. So give me some comments and critic will ya? Think will be applying these designs for magnets, buttons and keychains too. oh my~ O_O”

Support Bacteria! Sticker @ Zazzle Stop Staring! Sticker @ Zazzle ARGH!!! Sticker @ Zazzle

Spare My Ears! Sticker @ Zazzle Just S.T.F.U Sticker @ Zazzle S.T.F.U Sticker @ Zazzle

I’ve also published a Frozenfa page at Facebook today! 😀

Thank you, Karin, for the encouragements to make a page for Tim!! Hehe.. i decide to make a page for frozenfa, instead of Tim alone. This way, all of our animal friends gets some exposure too! =D Also, Thank You for helping me with the write-ups for T.I.M, Photography, and My Animal Series!! You’re the best!! =D

While you’re at Facebook, peeps, do check out the following pages:


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