Fraz & Baz B’day card design now in UK!

Yeay!! Finally my Frazzle & Basil Birthday Card have arrived in UK, as purchased by Tracey! Check out her gallery here. Tracey was even tv and newspaper! =D

Frazzle and Basil Happy Birthday Card

Also available at here!

Also, check out “Show The Attitude” recipient of Today’s Best Award recipient for 11th May 2008!

Show The Attitude Tshirt @ Zazzle

Umm.. i just noticed i haven’t blog much about myself lately? Fi just asked what have i been up to, so here’s a summary for my May events! Hmm…

frozenfa @ RedBubble:

  1. Hmmm.. so far my latest drawing is Frazzle the Cat.
  2. A bunch of new and old photography works have been uploaded.
    Thanks to Pixel Terminator, i can now make my cards into prints! Thank you so so much, Buddy! =D Please check out his awesome web application and paintings, people!
  3. One of my tee design can now be seen in Australia as Karin finally received the Summer Fun tee she bought from me. Thank you so so much, !! XD
  4. The birthday card i made for Tracey’s finally reached UK and am so happy to see her lil boy posing with the cards done by me and Karin! XD
  5. I just bought 4 of Karin’s wonderful cards for her b’day suprise.. hehe..
  6. Julian the Conductor was first in RB’s featured tee section about 18days ago and last thursday, it got onto the Homepage! XD

frozenfa @ Zazzle:

  1. Hmmm.. i just joined a very interesting group known as Insomniacs! You gotta check out the gallery there, pretty cool stuffs.. =D
  2. As mentioned above, Show the Attitude got the latest TBA.
  3. Julian the Conductor tshirt got the TBA for 10th May.
  4. My Stop Staring! button featuring Tim got the TBA for 7th May.
    Update: grrr… accidentally deleted my Stop Staring! button.. ^%R^#%$
    You can find the remake version here. -_-”
    Same goes for my Stop Global Warming! button… Many thanks for buying the button, Gypsy!! XD
  5. Frazzle the Cat baby tshirt got the TBA on the 4th of May.
  6. Happy Mother’s Day magnet featuring Carina got the TBA for 1st May. hehe..
    it also got the Top 10 Magnets Views on the next day, 2nd May. ^_^

That’s about it for May, so far, i guess.. eheh.. quite an eventful May eh? so many things to do, so little time!!! Why can’t there be 36 hours a day~ >_<“


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