My Tee Design.. in AU!!! XD

Hey everybody! Just a lil quickie, Karin today just posted a photo of herself wearing my Summer Fun tee at RB’s Buyer Booth! Yep, turns out she was my 1st buyer!! hehe!! i was so so suprised and felt so honored when i learn that, really.. i mean, LOOK AT HER GALLERY!!!

So it’s official, one of my design is walking around in Australia!!! Oh my.. THANK YOU, KARIN!!
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! hehe.. i can help but grin like an idiot each time i think about my tee design being worn by (not an ordinary) someone in another country, another part of this world.. it’s so exciting, it’s so amazing, i’m so thrilled!! Thank you so much, Karin!!


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