Featured Artist: Karin Taylor

Hi ya all!! From now on, am going to do a Featured Artist review and features every fortnightly! what do you think? I’ll be featuring all my favorite artists and their amazing artworks..

For my very first feature, i’d like to introduce to everyone my sweetest and friendliest online friend, Karin Taylor! Please do check out her official website, her Etsy handmade accessories site and her RedBubble profile.

If you’ve seen my previous entries, you might have spotted some of her wonderful designs that are in my wishlist~ Yep! i love them.. am saving up for them. hehe..

So presenting some of her cards & prints that i really like:

Best of Friends Girl's Day Out One Spring Day

Daisy Chains Beach Duet print Beach Ballet

Bucket and Spade Maiden Hula Sisters Diving Divas

Sepia Showgirl Bay Watch Neon Sea Siren

Funky Mermaid Surf Maiden Tube Chic in a Barrel

Ooh La La Beach Betty Fantasy Island Retro

Ribbon Dancer Hot Pants Aloha Blue Byron Belle

Citrus Siesta Beach Bride Mini Midge Gidget

Spotting Rainbows Whale Dancers Here Comes the Sun

Sisters Fishing Sun Spots Dot and Spot

Wall Flowers Baby Bull Production Communion

Rajah the Elephant Asha Spirit of Kawili Kai (A Wolphin)

Lotus Love Pearl of the Sea Catch of the Day

Sweet Chariot Girl on Red Wall Tattoo

I'm a Little Teapot Asian Spice Asia Blue Little Green Teapot

Three Asian Dolls with Balloons Chinese Red Fan Girl Lady of Asia Geisha Girl Prints

Seasons Polly's Pearls Heart of Gold

Pistachio Icecream Shy Kokeshi Doll https://i0.wp.com/images-1.redbubble.com/img/art/size:small/view:main/1016923-1-kokeshi-family.jpg Bridal Shower IV card by Karin Taylor

And there’s A LOT A LOT More!! These are only some of the prints sold by Karin Taylor. There’re still over 50 tshirt designs at the gallery too~ So what are you waiting for?! Pop over to her massive gallery now!!


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