Featured Designs and Sales

Yesh!! First of all, Summer Fun (Plain) got Zazzle’s TBA yesterday.. and then today, Mewr… Mousepad got Zazzle’s TBA for today!! i was so touched and happy to see the response i got..

And the best news i got for today is.. First, i finally got one of my tee under RedBubble’s Featured Tee category. for Julian the Conductor. That was really unexpected. i thought Julian looks better in his reggaeton shell. And most importantly, i made 2 more sales, both for Summer Fun (Plain) Tee!! 1 of the sale, was bought by a mystery buyer last nite (morning) but i was too sleepy and tired to realise i guess. I was so happy when i saw the 1 sale of the tee earlier and so i went to my mail to check, only to realise that there’s actually 2 sales.. hehe.. ^_^”

Summer Fun (Plain)

Thank you so much to both buyers of Summer Fun (Plain) at RedBubble!! =D


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