2 designs sold – thank you, mystery buyer!!

Summer Fun (Tee)First of all, i’d like to thank the 2 mystery buyer(s) who bought my tshirts.. I made my very first sale ever on thursday night. Somebody bought Summer Fun (Tee), a tee which i would have really pull down if it weren’t for Karin and Dawn who encourages me to keep it there still.. So am really thankful to them.. =D

Hug?The second tee sold was Hug?, which was bought by a mystery buyer just today. i am touched and delighted to say the least. i wonder if the buyer actually came to see that tee of mine from the Unofficial TIM Fan Club Karin made for me.

I was speechless when i saw that Karin made that fan club journal post thingy.. hehe.. It’s so very sweet of her!! i wanted to laugh and cry at the same time reading the journal.. If you’re reading this, once again, Thank You, Karin! i can never thank you enough.. lolz.. That’s why i decide to make the Karin Taylor fan club page over at facebook just for you! Hope it’ll be done soon and you can get more hits and sales from there! =D And yesh, i think i will make one for Tim too, once there’s a lil more Tim to feature.. hehe.. XD

Before that, earlier in the day, Midori-san (Midori Furze) even post her new tee, Mixed Soup For Tonight, that involves Tim. i thought she was going to stew Tim up.. lolz.. XD But she’s just going to use his cold sweat..

fa: ewwww…
Tim: hey! i resent that!
fa: you break into cold sweat in face of death~ pussy!! πŸ˜›
Tim: i’m you, baka! and if i die, you die~ πŸ˜›
fa: i wonder wat’s the soup like.. XD

Mixed Soup For Tonight
Mixed Soup For Tonight by Midori Furze

AND then before that Jocelyn (a.k.a. bahgoesthesheep) umm.. sorta dedicate her String Theory to me, i guess.. unless she happens to know another fa.. ^_^” Please do check out her tees.. i love them.. being another starving artist (sorta) i can only afford to get 1 tee and i SO can’t decide which to get first!! O_O”

String Theory
String Theory by bahgoesthesheep

And last but not least.. am so honored that Scott (a.k.a Mikoto) uploaded his latest piece, Shy Geisha, with special thanks for me.. awww… i probably bugged him too much about looking forward to his new pieces.. hehehe.. XD

Shy Geisha
Shy Geisha by Mikoto

Oh wait wait!! i also wanna say thanks to Karin for uploading the original Kitty Litter (yea, once again.. lolz)!! i think i lost count how often i’ve bugged her to let me see the original piece of her designs.. hehehe.. am so glad she post them up still without complains.. i hope she get some buyers for those pieces!! =D

Kitty Litter
Kitty Litter by Karin Taylor


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