New Wishlist!

Oh well.. i’ve been feeling rather down the last few days.. haven’t got the mood to start creating any new piece ever since am done with Julian, the crab.. so i think i’d be taking a lil break till next week maybe? Meanwhile.. i wanna feature some of the pieces i truly feel like buying..:

Not alone
Not Alone by Kimberly Palmer

Cat love....
Cat love… by Xenia Victoria Rhein

sinister mittens
sinister mittens by bahgoesthesheep

Poes Soes
Poes Soes by Ine Spee

Pistachio Icecream
Pistachio Icecream by Karin Taylor

Love is...
Love is… by P&T Photography

Meeting Pandacats A0095
Meeting of Pandacats by BubbleDoll

tigre in lime fur
tigre in lime fur by Karin Taylor

One Spring Day
One Spring Day by Karin Taylor

Daisy Chains
Daisy Chains by Karin Taylor

And there are so many more tshirts that i really want, but i know i can’t buy cos i know i won’t wear them.. and No, it’s not because they’re ugly.. let’s just say, i can’t bring myself to wear a tshirt with too cute a design these days.. i prefer simple and plain ones.. i feel funny if i wear something too cute.. heck, i even start to like wearing polo tee.. it’s very annoying for me.. when i wear tshirt with cute prints.. i feel like i’m too old for them when i see all the teens and brats.. then i also can’t wear something too fierce despite how much i like the designs cos i can’t carry the angsty emo look all the time.. i either normally look like a fat walking zombie or coughchubbycutefatgirlcough.. ahem… cough cough.. -_-“

and there are so many things more i want!! will post more tomorrow or something~ will go sleep now.. nitez!


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