New T-shirts and Prints!

Hi ALL!!! Yesh.. been busy doing bloody html and cms long enough.. i’ve finally uploaded a few stuffs into my RedBubble and Zazzle gallery. Please check them out:

Summer Fun (complete) Julian's New Shell (big) Stop Global Warming!

T.I.M ButtonJust S.T.F.U ButtonARGH!!! Button

Spare My Ears! ButtonSupport Bacteria Button

I Love Sushi! ButtonOoo La La ButtonJulian Mousepad

Oh, i’m thinking of removing the “s” from Twisted Inner Monsters.. I think i want Tim to be the only monster featured under T.I.M. I mean, it’ll be weird won’t it, to have other monsters featured under T.I.M.. i think Tim will be my one and only monster. err.. as in Monster Design.. not interested in having more than 1 inner monster.. 1 is waaay more than enough.. OO”

My hubby (PC) is spoilt for now.. think some stinkin hardware problem.. Hope it’ll get well soon.. Am so counting on Ganz.. Will change T.I.M logo as soon as opportunity allows..


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