Learn to manage your finances!

Today, i’d like to share a very meaningful entry by Ganz:
Rule With Your Head, Not With Your Heart! The Author’s Monthly Budget Revealed!

I know of many people who’re terrible at managing their finances.. Complaining all day about not having enough money to buy this and that (normally branded expensive stuffs).. one need to learn to spend within your means.

Others will complain about companies chasing them to pay up for their installments. Buying things on installments is stupid. Buy what you can afford, or save till you’ve got enough.

I find it really pathetic when people always look forward to the end of the month just to get their salary.. Complaining that they’re broke or have no money to buy this or that. So if you’re one of many such people, go read Ganz’s entry and learn to manage your finances. The steps are very simple and straightforward. Make your life easier for both yourself and those around you. 😉


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