i’ve been blogged?! OO”

Till now.. i still find the following amazing.. i log into RedBubble today… saw a bubblemail from TBO

TBOHey Fro!
You have been blogged 🙂

I was a lil stumped to say the least.. Tim’s eyes literally cover his whole face…FTW, i’ve been blogged!!! SQUEAL!!!!!!!!

CMYK Monsters by TBOAha.. ok, some of you might be thinking that i’m such a drama queen or being too hyper or watnot, but please, understand.. this is like the first time anyone ever blog abt my drawings.. so i am naturally very appreciative and happie..^_^

Do check out Jen’s wonderful Vector Goodness Blog, k!! Also checkout her other blog sites.. Man it must be tough managing so many.. XD

Then i realised i was called Fro.. kekeke… i don’t really want to correct anyone calling me fro or frozen there.. it’s like becoming me.. like my name truly is FrozenFa~ XD well.. i think i rather be called Fro or Frozen or Frozenfa or forenza (latest new name given..) than to be called by my last name. ^_^

And while i’m at this… i just wanna say, THANK YOU to ALL you wonderful RB people!! Honestly, i’ve never been part of a community as sweet and fun and friendly as this.. Thank you, Ganz, for recommending me such a wonderful place..

Karin and me also just started a forum thread over there named, Meet the Artists behind the Masterpiece in hopes to meet the real artists behind the avatars! 😀

Hope everyone will have fun and get to know each other better there! I just realised my terrible english.. it should be Meet the Artist behind the Masterpieces, right? i am so embarrassed.. @_@”


2 thoughts on “i’ve been blogged?! OO”

  1. Babe! so cool! congrats! Erm.. i kinda liked the pic…but as u know im an art idiot..so wat exactly did you do to create tat?

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