3 more new designs!

Hi all~ i’ve uploaded 3 more designs over at RedBubble. Check them out!

SUSHI!!! Nobody Loves Me I Miss You

Also.. guess what… i went to the IT fair yesterday. And i actually bought it. Yep. I bought my very first wacom – inutous 3! I HAVE A TABLET!! I HAVE A GODDAMN TABLET!!! X3

I’ve been wanting to get one for myself ever since i was in poly year 1. But due to it’s cost, i never got it then.. After i’ve started working.. i still procrastinate getting one even after i start working. i never knew why, until i had to explain to Serena yesterday. I realised that all this while, i was scared to buy a tablet. Scared i won’t be able to master it. Scared i’d regret spending so much on a technology i couldn’t master.. I realised how silly i’ve been. Lol~

So i bought the normal 9×12 inutous. Cost me a frigging $649 and an aching left arm. -_-” Oh well, at least it’s lesser than the usual $729+ price and i can get a 3hr quick course on using the tablet by adobe photoshop professionals.. XD Will call them tomorrow to make the appointment. Kinda excited about it.

i’ll be busy working on a tem proj for the next two weeks. Guess i can try earn back the money spent on the tablet. As soon as the proj ends, i’m going to learn and practice using the tablet full-time! Don’t know if it’s possible, but i wanna be comfortable drawing with it in 5mths. Why so long? ‘Cause in between the 5 mths, i’ll still be doing my vector drawings for tee designs. I wanna get as many done as possible by June.

Suddenly, i feel so busy. LoL.. i still have to manage my online stores and networking.. Gosh.. I really hope to get some sales in.. i really hope i’ll make it. I won’t be suprised if many of my peers think my designs are too simple and can’t make it. But i don’t care. I may have cold feet, but i cannot give up now. I’ve only just started 4days ago! I only started when i uploaded my Frothie Bunny and TIM series.. There are still several designs i have yet to digitise and upload. I do get a few positive comments on them. So i will fight on and keep producing more and more illustrations! FTW!


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