2 more new designs!

Today started a lil like crap.. woke up at 8am, hungry.. cooked some noodles.. watch cartoons and went back to sleep.. Woke up again at 1 with a headache.. and i still feel moody and having a headache now.. in fact, it’s getting worst.. T_T

Anyway, i’ve uploaded 2 more new designs from my T.I.M (Twisted Inner Monster) series~ Hmm.. probably lil Tim’s angry that i publice him and is throwing a fit in my head, thus the headache.. urgh.. stupid headache..

Just Shut Up Already...My Twisted Inner Monster, Tim

anyway, i decide to remove my sketches and digitised counter. It’s too troublesome to keep track since the number on both sides are rising inconsistently each day. urgh.. headache.. stupid headache.. i want a hug!! somebody toss me a kitteh!!

My latest t-shirt wishlist:

Ying and YangCatch of the Day

I really hope to get them one day.. All four of them gonna cost me USD$106. T_T
i am so getting them once i’ve earn some money.

There’s also the IT fair this weekend.. I remember i told myself last dec, i’d get my wacom at the next IT fair. Didn’t expect to see one so soon.. i’m not prepared to invest the amount yet. Am a lil skeptical.. Will go look see if there’s any inutous there.. if have.. i might buy. or i might just wait for the NEXT IT fair, the one which i thought will be held in June. -_-“


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