Hmm.. today started out as a rather moody day.. I didn’t have the mood to digitise my drawing, but i managed to finish one impromptu digital drawing meant for easter, sorta.. Oh, and also thanks to somebody who pissed me off, i managed to come up with ANOTHER impromptu digital drawing! Grrr… At least she made up for it by catching yet another crazy beetle. -_-” Wat the hell are these beetles up to anyway?! Is it because of the current rainy season, it became cranky and start trespassing my house and bang on every wall available??

Anyway, i think i’ll be uploading some of my digital drawings this week.. Hmm.. Hopefully i can get 10 done by the end of the week.. I don’t think anybody noticed, but i’ve placed a counter under My Goals Section on the right panel of this blog.. Left number is the number of drawings i’ve digitised. Right number is the number of sketches i have to digitise.. Sounds insanely lot right? i might scrap some off i guess.. Oo” naaa… that’d be a waste.

I’m now stucked in naming inner me for my new Little Inner Monster series.. Yep! i came up with a lil series of inner me! It all started when i came home from the library, and someone annoy the hell out of me!! I was so pissed, i just drew what was in my mind.. and as each day passes, each time i feel annoyed or pissed, i’d draw out what i wanna do..

This is like the first time i’m able to draw out my feelings.. honestly, it felt great. I’ve always known that i have an inner me.. something that not many people have met in person.. And for the first time, i actually came up with a character to represent it.. I shall pat myself on the back for this amazing feat~ *pat pat*.. So stay tune and by the end of the week, you’ll see a bunch of lil me!! XD


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