Woohoo!! fi managed to get a one week leave!! been waiting for the occasion for years.. tot she’d never be able to get her utterly well-deserved long break~ And so yea! Fi was asking if i’d be interested in a holiday.. and i immediately took up the offer! ^_^ tho am now worried about leaving somebody alone at hm.. -_-”

but i am really interested in re-visiting kl~ Hope they’d be done and over with their polling and voting stuffs soon~ i wonder if i’ll be able to paint my room first.. Think i’ll go search for paint tomorrow or weekend..

Been digitising my sketches (on and off) the last few days.. i just counted and there’s like 47 sketches that can be digitised.. OO” And i’ve only done 2.. Good god.. all the best to me.. So far am pretty happy with the 2 completed vectors.. Am planning to fin vectoring all, then shade them later.. also need to get a new mini sketchpad.. hmmm.. Wish me luck ppl!! >.<*


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