Grrrr… Stupid Beetle, Stupid People!!

Sigh.. KL trip’s cancelled.. my bro and i decided that it’s not wise to leave someone alone at home.. -_-” i guess i can only go travelling after May.. i wonder if fi can take leave again.. oO” oh well.. might as well.. with the bad guy roaming free in the streets here and the polling dramas over there, i guess it’s a might as well that i can’t travel.

Oh, and guess what, i can’t paint my room till May too!! ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!! FTW!!! This is SOOOO annoying.. i can’t wait for my bro to go back to normal shifts.. >.< i think i’d get a the room clock first then.. It’s weird how i’m ok with not wearing watch outside, but troubled when there’s no working clock at home..

Sigh… what’s becoming of this world.. thanks to the many mindless brainless stupid morons, the rest of the world can’t live peace.. damnit.. and i keep getting Mr Beetle going on a rabid rampage in my house, banging against anything and everything in it’s way.. -_-” it’s nuts… Yesterday’s beetle was caught by my mum.. am so catching today’s beetle.. Stupid beetle!

Anyway, since i can’t travel, and can’t paint my room, and now my left hand’s recovered, i guess i can concentrate on sketching and digitising my drawings~ Hopefully can complete digitising, toning and upload them all by May.. Jiayou!! XD


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