2 new drawings.. i need a getaway~

i think i need a lil getaway… i get almost no alone-time in this house. and it’s somehow getting on my nerves.. especially when the somebody’s starting to act like a kid again.. and i have to deal with this lack of alone time till May. i might go berserk by then.Been feeling down last few nights. i miss my ol furry friend, i guess.. and so instead of returning my library book earlier, i did this drawing that has been on my mind the last 2 nights:

frozenfa - aishiteru
Frozenfa – Missing You – Aishiteru!

Hope to digitise it one day.. i think i should seriously dig for my scanner.. i wonder if it’s still working.. it’s been under the bed for over a year.. I also did this sketch on sunday night:

frozenfa - river heart
Frozenfa – River Hearts

Both are drawn using 4B mechanical pencil and 0.1 tip pen. Used an additional gray fine tip pen for River Heart.. feel like painting on it.. hmm.. maybe thurs or something..

After visiting the doc last sat, the insomnia’s gone. ^_^” my left hand’s recovering pretty well.. Fastum works like a miracle.. Maybe it’s bcos i never used it before? oh, and i never bothered to cradle bandage my hand.. hehe.. ^^” am still supposed to rest it for 1 more week.. Then i can paint room!! i wanna paint my room! oh, and i can get a room clock to match the new wall color later.. wish i could get a white clock, but my stupid room dust easily! Ah, heck.. XD


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