Back to traditional media

i’ve been doing quite a few sketches (with shadings as always) on my two lil notepads.. suddenly, i feel like i miss using the traditional media.. traditional drawing and painting.. I'm a Little Teapot^^” i wasn’t good at them, but it’s fun.. it’s been a long time since i last played with watercolors and color pencils..

i guess i was inspired by a very nice artist over at RedBubble, Karin Taylor. when i see the brushstrokes.. bright colors.. beautiful blend of colors and mixed media.. guess they somehow makes me miss my secondary school days? Anyway, you should so check out her gallery.. i like so many pieces there, i don’t know which to feature in this entry.. OO”

Think i can continue doing my lil to-be-digitised sketches on my lil notepads.. then do my traditional drawings/paintings on the bigger drawing papers.. will go try it out.. omg.. there’s like so many things to do.. images in my mind i wanna sketch/draw/paint.. then there’s the lil sketches to digitise.. OO” i wish i can just print those images outta my head..

Hmm.. since doc ask me to go on “light duty” for the next 2 weeks.. i think i know what to do.. *evil grin* i will not write it down.. bwahahahaha~ then 2 weeks later, if my hand heals, i will continue digitising.. Then if my hand’s really good to go, then i’d paint my room. i already have the sky blue hue in mind. ^_^”


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