Saturday Morning Nightmare (PG)

Today’s trip to the polyclinic was a TOTAL nightmare!! The smartass from home insisted that i go as early as possible.. Well, i reach at 8.30… Guess what time i left that place? 1pm plus!!! i left at freaking 1pm plus!!! FTB!! I mean, it’s like simple common sense.. it’s a sat.. everyone will NATURALLY work extra lazily on a freaking saturday morning! so there’s no point reaching there EARLY in the morning when all the staffs there are naturally feeling lazy! it’s normal!! sb..

So i end up waiting a freaking 3hr+ for my turn to see the doc.. then 1+hr get and wait for my x-ray result.. then about 15min+ to see the doc again whose response was, “sorry, you don’t have a fracture”.

I just raised my eyebrow.. i feel like saying, no worries doc, normal sg-rean will scream at you for wasting their money. i’m not normal. i rather be safe than sorry.

Pssh.. so by the time i was on my way home, i was SO frigging pissed, i wanna kick the ass of those “foreign talent” taking their own friggin time to enter the mrt.. KNN!! you filming in bollywood isit, must stroll in sloooooooooowly~ if it was 2yrs back, i’d undoubtly scold out loud to them to, “MOVE!!”. Already before that everyone was STUPIDLY blocking the entrance for people to exit the bloody train, slowing down the clearance.. THEN they waltz in slowly.. NNB~

Yea.. saturday started horribly.. by the time i got home.. i’m tired, and freaking sleepy since i couldn’t sleep the night before once again.. -_-” At least i managed to get in a few ideas and sketches while i was numbing my rear at the polyclinic.. Seriously, the parents here need to learn control their children. Those morons are letting their lil brats lead them by the nose, it’s pathetic.

Ok, enough whining. Basically after taking 8 beautiful x-ray of my wrist posing, they conclude there’s no fracture. If the pain persist for 2 more weeks, then i’ll have to take another scan. If it still hurts 2 weeks later, i’m heading straight to ttsh clinic. All he prescribed me is the almighty painkiller, aka panadol.. and Fastum gel. And for my infected pimple hill on my nose, he gave me only Biotine.

knn.. i might as well get them myself at the pharmacy.. at least give me some antibiotics for the pimple bah? argh.. whatever.. They then go cradle bandage my wrist at the dressing room – something i can do with my eyes close and, without cutting off blood supply to my fingers! Bloody nurse so engrossed in chatting with her colleague.. i just rip it off when i got home..

urgh.. waste money, waste time.. and worst of all, i had to deal with so many morons.. good god.. Thank god my mind is more stable these days.. sheesh.


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