Insomnia Be Gone!!

Grargh.. i tot the thing to ruin today gonna be some bad news from the doc or something.. Ends up what ruined this friday is bloody insomnia!! GRARGH!! i couldn’t sleep at all last nite.. toss and turn and toss and turn.. by the time i fall asleep, i guess it’s about 6plus.. then i couldn’t wake up at 8.30 as planned.. and i end up waking up at 1pm.. GRARGH!!!

Hope i’d be able to visit the doc on mon instead.. For today, i guess i’d go grab the dark ring remover.. i look like a walking zombie.. people kept staring at me yesterday, i think it’s due to the horrible dark rings.. and it’s worst today.. T_T waaaaa… stupid insomnia.. i SO need to learn to top up my stomach a lil before sleep.. i think i couldn’t sleep bcos i was hungry again.. cos i can feel my tummy grrrr grrrr… eheh.. ^^” then i had blocked nose.. then sore throat.. then i can’t sleep.. -_-”

oh well.. think i’ll go shop for dark ring remover.. chips and foodstuff to top up home supplies.. grab my lunch.. and come back by 4.30 to watch Pucca. eheh.. love that cartoon.. it’s the best! great cute graphics.. great storylines.. am hooked onto it.. hehe~


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