very interesting day~

Yosh! had a very interesting day.. hehe.. First of all, i got compliments from my brother!! i can’t believe it.. my eye was like popping out.. It’s a sincere happy comment from him! no sacarsm no teasing~ i was so happy.. he actually said, “the bear you draw, quite cute.” and he’s smiling.. maybe to you guys, it’s nothing, but to me, it means alot.. i practically grew up with him teasing my drawings all the time.. so to hear a compliment from him, it’s really encouraging.. i think the bear will be the first drawing i’d digitise..

Then i went off to meet sinli for haircut.. i had to wait awhile longer after mine was done cos sinli’s dying her hair.. And guess what i did while waiting.. i had to teach a primary 1 foreign student how to draw. yep.. teach. can you believe it!? ahahahah.. she was initially bugging sinli, whom i think is already tired enuff from the whole day at school.. then suddenly (yet not suprisingly..) sinli asked her to ask me teach her how to draw.. LoLz…

i was like.. OMG!! omg omg omg.. not only do i have to teach a kid drawing, i have to speak mandarin too!! OO” So off me go, with my broken mandarin, teaching a lil china doll how to draw animals.. taught her how to draw rabbit, fish, bird, penguin, rat and tortoise/turtle.. i must say, she’s a very fast learner.. when i was her age, i wouldn’t draw for nuts!! LoLz!! i remember my art teacher had to do the whole pri 1 art project for me.. AAHAHHAHAHAA~ ahem… hehehe…

so yea… am glad she didn’t ask me what some of the english initials in my sketchbook means.. ^^” And i managed to dodge explaining those lil monsters i drew.. ^^” And i couldn’t help but laugh when she drew her turtle to look exactly like mine – foaming at the mouth.. LOLz… omg.. she better not draw foaming turtles in class.. OO”

After haircut, we had MOS Burger for dinner.. then sinli went to buy a cute piece of dress.. think it’d look lovely with a white cardigan.. Then we had ice cream fondue at swensens.. LOLz… yea.. fondue out of the blue~ hehe.. it’s pretty nice.. the serving is just nice for 2 people.. After that, we walked home… Guess maybe because i havn’t had binge session wif sinli as often as last time.. this lil meals had me so full~ ahah..

Sinli said she havn’t been to KL in awhile too.. i wonder if she’d be interested in holidaying there during her next sch break~ i miss KL.. and i’m pretty keen to find the cat man there.. i miss travelling!!

and seeing that today is an interesting day.. i bet tomorrow gonna suck some how.. -_-” hope i can wake up early and see doc, then meet serena for lunch.. i think most likely doc gonna advise me against painting my hse for awhile, so i guess i shall start digitising my lil sketches~ |..|,


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