Fine fine… will go doc.. -_-“

WOOHOOO~ got some gd stuffs and bad stuffs to share today..

let’s start with bad one first:

my left hand isn’t recovering!! >.<” grrr… i am so going to doc this friday.. i hope some muscle relaxant or something will do the trick.. if it’s going to be another RSI, god help me, i will SCREAM!!! grrr… it’s annoying.. i can’t carry laundry properly.. i can’t mop the floor properly (i can’t just use my right hand, the sore shoulder tendon will act up).. ARGH!!! i have 2 STUPID LOUSY WEAK arms!!! damnit~

i gonna get my long awaited hair cut tomorrow.. i think it’ll be great to trim it a lil just before i do any painting.. Eeeh… ok.. how do i paint my room if i’m taking muscle relaxant? Oo” aww man.. i hate these hands.. why are they so weak.. will ask doc if i can paint my room now or have wait awhile more..

Anyway, i think i’ve been a pretty good girl staying off the pc and doing some drawing.. and now i have more than 10 lil character sketches i’m pretty proud of in my lil sketchbook! if doc advice against painting my room this month, then i gonna digitise these lil fellas!! i like them in pencil, shaded.. they’ll look different once digitise~ meh.. just too bad i drew them all small.. but i’m so lazy to digitise them!! >.<”

Oh, and guess what, i just checked my mail and finally found the theme for this year’s cgoverdrive competition theme.. it’s Cartoon!! is that interesting or what!? and to think i just started on my lil characters.. kekeke.. i’m still not sure if i’d take part in it.. am not confident at all since i’m like still rusty.. but maybe i’d try for fun~ depends i guess.. Oo”


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