if you’ve never tried, you’ll never know~

Hmm.. i just thought of this idea a few days back.. am not very sure if it’d work out.. but i wanna try it out. been doing sketches on it a lil since yesterday.. ^^” since i can’t paint my room yet, i might as well do a lil drawing rite? no need to use my left hand even~ hehehe.. i’ll be working on the sketches for the next few days.. hopefully i can refine it’s style by end of next week?

once i can get the style and character designs finalized, i can digitise them. according to my unofficial plan, there’s like at least 20 bloody character designs i have to come up with.. so god bless me.. i hope i can stick to this and complete it.. so i intend to print out this unofficial plan i’ve made.. laminate it.. and paste it on my wall!! so many things i wanna do.. i still wanna do my missing you series.. the reason i’m postponing it is because i can’t seem to get myself to fin drawing it when i don’t have the mood.. i hope Brown’s not pissed about tat.. maybe i’ll ask my bro to print it’s current WIP so i can paste it up and motivate me~

i believe anyone who keep track of my blog by now can tell.. i like to plan.. and i often don’t stick to them.. I’m just being flexible.. ^^” while waiting for my left hand to recover, i’ll work on these sketches.. my elbow’s almost fully healed.. my wrist feels a lil better today.. i think if nothing goes wrong, it may heal just fine by end of next week.. Then i guess i can start painting by 25th?

God pls don’t sabo me.. i really wanna paint my room.. i wanna paint it white and baby blue~ heck, i wanna make the whole house white and blue. so here’s my shopping list for next sat, 23rd Feb, if nothing goes wrong:

  1. Masking tape
  2. Fillers
  3. Big and sml roller
  4. Medium Brush
  5. 1 BIG can of white paint
  6. 2 big can of blue paint (depends if there’s offers and if i can get someone to help me carry..)
  7. Paint Thinner (just in case)

I can feel the pinch already.. but i guess it’ll be worth it once i get my room revamped~ ^_^

I’ll put up 1 brown noticeboard where i can paste my plans.. i’ll put up the cute lil calendar i got.. i’ll finish setting up the other 2 cabinets and transfer all the sheatz from the old bookshelf into it.. Am still thinking if i should replace my current pc table with some kind of coffeetable… then i can seat on the floor and do my work.. or lie down and watch movies… hmmm… sounds super tempting.. if only i can find one without sharp edges so i won’t cut myself when sleeping at nite.. OO”


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